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kicker n : a player who kicks the football

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-er kick


  1. One who takes kicks.
  2. The kicking strap.
  3. That which is particularly difficult or troublesome.
    John wants to climb the wall, but the kicker is that it is thirty feet tall.
  4. In the context of "finance": An enticement for investors, e.g. warranty added to the investment contract.
  5. A statement that amplifies self evidency of truth.
    The kicker is that he wants all this tomorrow.
  6. An unpaired card which is part of a pair, two pair, or three of a kind poker hand.
    Jill's hand was two pair, aces and sevens, with a king kicker.
  7. slang Southern US Generally used to describe a particular type of resident of Texas who is associated with Country/Western attire, attitudes and/or philosophy. The term originated from [explicative]-kickers, referring to a cowboy with boots that were used to “kick” away cow manure.

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Other games

  • Kicker is the alternate title of the 1985 Konami arcade video game, Shao-Lin's Road
  • Kicker, the German and Belgian word for foosball (American), tafelvoetbal (Dutch) and Babyfoot (French)

Other uses

  • Kicker (KDE), the taskbar for the K Desktop Environment
  • Kicker (Oregon tax rebate), a refund distributed to taxpayers in the U.S. state of Oregon when state revenue exceeds expenditures by a certain margin
  • Kicker (Transformers), a Transformers: Energon character
  • Kickers is also the name of a European clothing and footwear brand whose shoes were quite popular during the 1970s-80s among football supporters (casuals)
  • Kicker (kicker systems), a powerful magnet system used to deflect particle bunches in high energy physics machines
  • Kic Ker is South Korean company Crown's equivalent of Kit Kat.
  • Kicker, a 1960s-influenced British garage pop band on London's Track & Field record label
  • Kicker motor, a small auxiliary outboard motor on a motorboat or sailboat, usually used for low speed operation (such as fishing), or as a backup for the primary means of propulsion
  • Kicker, a piece of additional information printed as an accompaniment to a news headline. It is a subordinate clause and comes in present tense. The point size is usually smaller and is placed on top of the headline. When it is placed under the headline it is called a rider. It is a term common with journalists, especially sub editors
  • Kicker (lighting)
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astonishment, bellyacher, blockbuster, blow, bomb, bombshell, boundary condition, catch, clause, complainant, complainer, condition, crab, crank, croaker, donnee, earthshaker, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, eye-opener, faultfinder, fine print, frondeur, given, griper, grouch, grounds, grouser, growler, grumbler, joker, kvetch, limiting condition, malcontent, murmurer, mutterer, obligation, parameter, peripeteia, prerequisite, provision, provisions, proviso, querulous person, reactionary, reactionist, rebel, requisite, revelation, saving clause, shocker, sine qua non, small print, sorehead, sourpuss, specification, staggerer, startler, stipulation, string, surprisal, surprise, surprise ending, surprise package, surprise party, switch, terms, thunderbolt, thunderclap, ultimatum, whereas, whiner
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